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WorkBench IT

WorkBench IT is web based Skill Assessment and resource Management System which provides an easy to-use system for screening activities such as interviews, technical screening and knowledge assessments. It also allows end users to conduct video conferencing, white board sessions and collaborative document editing. WorkBench Learning is web based Learning Management System which provides an easy to-use scheduling system for learning activities such as classroom-based training, virtual classrooms and Calendaring. Both Workbench IT and Workbenct Learding applications are majorly built on 2 technologies: Liferay and Apache Openmeetings. Liferay Portal is a web platform with features commonly required for the development of websites and portals. Liferay includes a built-in web content management system allowing users to build websites and portals, it also provides a collaboration suite called Social Office which allows user to participate in non-realtime discussions and collabration. Apache Openmeetings provides a better collabaration on top of liferay by supporting video conferencing, instant messaging, white board, collaborative document editing and other real time discussion tools.

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