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Let us help you create power of due diligence to make calculated offers within the parameters of existing mortgages and the seller’s equity position through our power packed data entry services. An explicit report that makes the buyers know what is owed on real estate, preview lien, foreclosure and tax status prior to bidding at auction just at a glance.

Our experience at SHIRO Title in Title Abstracting will benefit you with high quality reports. We believe in doing the things correctly for the first time because rework is tremendously expensive. We would be glad to work with you for your requirements. I am here by enclosing the rate sheet for various states for your perusal and consideration. Please consider the attached prices and coverage areas. The prices are designed to beat the competition and to earn your business.

Benefits to you:

  1. Single point of contact for all Title Searches
  2. Emergency turn around (As less as within hours for few counties)
  3. You save money with us (Competitive Prices)
  4. Less effort to you (Highly qualified and experienced resources)
  5. Zero Rework (Very high accuracy in reports)

What Title Search Services we offer:

  • Current Owner Search
  • Two Owner Search
  • Full Search
  • Update Search
  • Deed Search
  • Open Mortgage Search
  • Liens & Judgments search
  • Document review and typing
  • Tax search and typing
  • Commitment preparation
  • Document retrieval
  • Plant development and maintenance
  • Document preparation, scanning, and quality review
  • On-line real estate market research/mail list preparation

To learn more about our services visit SHIRO TITLE or Contact us and let us show how we can help you achieve more than you imagined possible.

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