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With over a decade of growth and refinement, our test methodologies and test matrices are unsurpassed in ensuring maximum risk coverage of compatibility and interoperability testing.

With our extensive in-house library of software packages/tools and hardware equipment, our testing professionals double check the software, hardware and Web compatibility. Our engineers also ensure that the software and applications are interoperating and/or integrating properly with customer’s software products. We can also simulate mostreal-world environments in which your software may be utilized. Our software compatibility and interoperability testing services ensure that our customers also avoid costly and embarrassing errors when their software is being used at a client location.

Our software compatibility and interoperability testing approach is as follows:

  • Evaluation: Understanding the software eco-system and identifying compatibility issues.
  • Planning: Determining possible test scenarios, defining the test matrix and coverage measurements.
  • Execution: Test case execution by our experienced test engineers against the pre-defined hardware and software test environment.
  • Reporting: Reporting of used test environments, test cases, defects and issues identified, together with possible cause and suggestions for fixing the issue.

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