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Application Development

Application Development

Software Applications Interfacing with Windows and Linux based devices; we can develop Cloud based applications with the following technologies: Ajax, Audrino, Embedded C/C++, Java, JQuery, Linux, PHP, Raspberry Pi, SQL, Swing, Windows, and hundreds of high chart graphs. These embedded applications have the capability of remotely controlling and producing real-time data; which can be viewed from a wide range of devices.

Our Products

SHIRO has developed an application controlling water systems. This application is based on weather conditions from NOAA. This real time information allows the automatic settings to turn off at appropriate times to reduce costs effectively, and conserve water efficiently. We can customize our products to your business services quicly.

Success Factor

Our client’s success is paramount to us. At SHIRO, our Time to Market (TTM) Development Package presents our clients with a feasible time of entering the competitive market with a base product. This allows the product to grow with the market response.You dream- You desire- You demand. SHIRO will develop and deliver!

Technology Consulting

With Outsourcing and Technology Consulting we have helped Fortune 1000 companies, software vendors, and technology startups reducing costs and bring products and complex applications to market faster.

Outsource Service

In the Outsource Service we work very closely with client’s in-house IT personnel to jointly analyze, design, develop, test, implement, and integrate with new systems. A key facet of this offering is to provide staff augmentation (onsite or offshore) and bridge the gaps where all the internal IT department needs assistance.

Technology Service

Bringing together the full range of systems integration, technology consulting, and IT outsourcing skills, our capabilities enable us to deliver everything from point solutions for one function within one industry to large, long-term outsourcing services and complex systems integration that spans multiple businesses and functions.

Broad Client Spectrum

Our consultants have wide-ranging industry experience and are skilled in providing innovative, tailored solutions to organisations of all sizes – from global enterprises and national blue-chip corporations,to local government and small start-ups.

Full Service Consultancy

SHIRO consulting capability covers the entire service continuum – from strategy, planning and project management to implementation, licensing and ongoing support. Our broad portfolio means we can continue to add value to clients as their businesses change and grow during the lifecycle of their technology solution.
We offer fast flexible and cost-effective service.

Commitment to Client Partnerships

At the SHIRO Technologies.Inc we believe that strong partnerships deliver the best business solutions. Our consultants work as a team with clients and their staff to establish a shared ownership of the project goals that helps reduce the risk, cost and time involved in developing high-end technology solutions.
We take your goals and make it ours !

Consulting Services

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Need Help?

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