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Cloud Services

SHiro Technologies brings together unmatched cloud, mobile, social expertise and the world’s largest cloud developer community to deliver solutions that change the game for your business. Our solutions design understands the business outcome, work closely with your business team to translate, review & prioritize the requirements and commit to milestones and releases.


Develop iteratively with daily status updates. Demonstrate work to stakeholders after each iteration. Refine solution and proceed to next set of requirements.


Deploy solution and conduct final user testing. Measure, provide expertise and technology to evolve your strategy and enhance your cloud applications over time.

Cloud Application Development

Cloud Application Foundation helps customers deliver next-generation applications with a mission-critical cloud platform optimized for high performance, reliability, availability and security. It simplifies operations with native cloud management and scales operations to multi-data center high availability infrastructures.

Build, Deploy and Scale

Lean budgets and market demands for faster execution require innovative solutions. Modernize your cloud applications to simplify, standardize and add functionality while lowering maintenance costs. Build, transform and test applications for the cloud. Cloud.com, VMware, Eucalyptus private clouds.


We have experience developing custom applications for Amazon, Rackspace, GoGrid, and other leading public clouds. Our cloud architects will help design your application to best leverage the cloud infrastructure. Amazon, Rackspace, GoGrid, and other leading public clouds.

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